Monday, March 19, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba party with Brobee Pinata

Okay so I'm revisiting this post from last year's Yo Gabba Gabba party because it's been getting a lot of page views and I wanted to try and share how I made the pinata from a paper bag. It was really simple but tons of fun.

Supplies: 2 paper bags, crepe paper streamers,  sticky foam sheets, glue, tape and string for hanging 

I filled the bottom of one of the bags with candy and toys and then filled the rest of the bag with newspaper so it would keep it's shape. Next I cut the other bag in half and fit it over top of the opening of the first bag and then taped it so I had one big square.

I had cut up the streamers into smaller pieces that were all about the same size and then cut a little slit up the middle of each. Then I began the laborious task of gluing them all over the bag. I would just make a bead of glue all the way across the bag and then stick on the streamers, overlapping them a little as I went.  It actually went really quick (especially since I wasn't trying to be perfect).

I cut the mouth and eyes out of the sticky foam sheets and just slapped them on. So easy! My husband actually attached the string to the top and I didn't watch, so I'm not sure how he did it...sorry!


  1. This is awesome! My son would love this. Thanks for sharing, love your blog!

  2. I found your blog via 52 Mantels. I absolutely love these decorations. I am following along. Would be great to see you over at my new blog...this fella would look amazing in my launch party linky party. Hope to 'see' you soon.


  3. This is so cute!!! I would never think to use a paper bag for a pinata! Great idea!

  4. I am visiting you from the blog hop you added your link on my page Mompreneur are super talented!!!! Do you do anything Dr Seuss my baby girl is 1 this April 1st :)

  5. @Lisa Cash Hanson

    I haven't done any Dr. Seuss, but that sounds FUN!