Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes I fantasize about designing t-shirts. I don't really have time for that but a year or so ago I did these designs and I still think they're hilarious. I really love them. Maybe because they are images of me, my dad, my son and my brothers, maybe it's the word peanut, or maybe it's because I know my Dad tipped that bike a minute after he got going, I don't know, but they make me giggle.


  1. those images are really cool. I specially love the baby and the pregnant woman, a little peanut growing inside, lol, very cute.

  2. What is it about the word peanut? My 10y/o daughter says 'peanut' at the most random times. It's to the point of annoying now. BUT, after this post I think I'm gonna have to make her a t-shirt with a talk bubble pointing up at her mouth that just says peanut. Maybe if I make it acceptable to say all the time she'll lose interest.
    One can only hope... :)

  3. @Alisonswhim

    Ha ha! Your daughter sounds hilarious and I definitely think she needs that t-shirt!