Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Gideon

My firstborn turned two so we invited the fam and had a fantastic party. I worked so hard. I bought a slip and slide and ordered pizza, it was awesome. Well I did put out the effort actually to make a train cake because my boy is crazy about trains. I called it the "insane train" because of the following reasons...
(a) It took an insane amount of time to make
(b) It took an insane amount of icing
(c) You would have to be insane to eat that much icing
(d) I had icing on my foot by the end of it and that's insane
(e) Because "insane" and "train" rhyme and are fun to say together

My baby boy is two. I love him so much.

The "insane train"

My husband


  1. that looks like such a fun party! what a cute cake!

  2. i LOVE how the cake turned out! do u have a tutorial?? not sure if i can attempt it without one?:/

  3. I love the insane train! And I love rhyming words! Ha ha

  4. The train cake is soooo cute tfs

  5. AWWWW! Happy Birthday Gideon!!!!

  6. Happy "late" Birthday Gideon! The cake looks wonderful great job! It looks like he had a great birthday, what a lucky boy! Congratulations he's a cutie pie!