Thursday, September 3, 2009

a beginning

Okay, I've got to start somewhere right? So I had a kid a year ago and thought I would never again indulge in anything creative but it's a year later and I have discovered that I am once again obsessed with making stuff. It occupies a lot of my brain. I do have other things floating around up there, like, "what are we having for breakfast", "what are we having for lunch?" and "what's for dinner?". Thankfully my son likes to sleep so I take advantage of this little blessing by pouring into something crafty. I'm kind of a lazy crafter, because I need instant gratification so I never seem to make anything quite like you're supposed to. But whatever.

This pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's book. It's supposed to be a baby bag, but I think it works for non-baby items too. It was SOOOO easy. Like seriously easy. It was super, super easy, it took like 2 hours and I'm not a good sewer. You gotta love the boat print, you just gotta.

This one is my own design, but I copied the pockets and strap from Lotta's pattern.

This one is from the Tiny Happy bag tutorial. Again, very, very easy pattern. Made it in a couple hours. I'm not really that crazy about the fabric, I'm a little toiled out I think.

Okay, so the challenge this week: Make your own bag pattern. It's fun. Try it. Do it. Cause I said.

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