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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luke and I are obsessed with Mexican Street Tacos (or Carne Asada). We've never actually been to Mexico and I'm pretty sure we've never had an authentic street taco but whatever. We love the idea so I'm trying really hard to emulate this seemingly delicious phenomenon.  There's not much on these tacos, just onions, cilantro, a splash of lime, maybe some pico and meat. It's all about having really fresh ingredients and the MEAT, which is where my problem lies. I'm not very good at cooking meat of any kind and I can't seem to find a good recipe. Can anyone help me???

This was last night's attempt at street tacos. (one of many) It was very tasty, but I'm not quite there yet...

This recipe looks REALLY good, I might try it next.


Karly said... Reply to comment

I will have to make a recipe just for you, because carne asada is one our specialties here in the Gomez household!

But just for a quick lowdown, definitely use a skirt steak, or a "bottom round" works really well too. Dice or slice up into small pieces and toss with some kosher salt and black pepper. Saute sliced red and green peppers, yellow onion and serrano peppers until tender, then toss in the meat and cook until just just slightly red inside. Toss it in a flour tortilla with some cebolla, guac and cheese and YUM.

Jess said... Reply to comment


Karly you are my hero!! Thank you sooo much!!! I'm so intimidated by skirt steak. I've tried it a couple times but it always turned out too tough. I'll have to try again though.

momto8 said... Reply to comment

looks like you are there!!

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