Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Shower

From the Guest Room inspired me to create this post for Hospitality Month. I like to think of myself as hospitable. It's something I strive to be anyway. I love hosting parties...LOVE hosting parties, but I like to make them as simple but fun as possible.

I hosted a baby shower for a very close friend of mine and it really meant a lot to me so I wanted to share some of the highlights. It was a sweet and fun time but it only required simple planning. (I had no games)

I designed the invites but there are very cute and free invites to download and print here, here, here and here

baby shower centerpieces
An easy little project for table centerpieces..round wooden boxes from the craft supply store with potted flowers inside. I painted a letter on each box to spell "Jacob".  The boxes were given to the mom-to-be to take home for storage and the flowers were given to the girls that helped me with the shower.
baby shower cake
I'm not the best baker but decided to be adventurous! The cake ended up being really fun to make and pretty darn cute. Decorating ideas for the cake came from Country Living Magazine.

collaborative baby shower quilt
The main (and only) activity was a collaborative baby quilt craft. It was a big hit and turned out super cute! I pre-cut flannel squares and gave each guest one or two to put their design on. Then I gave them pieces of soft fleece to cut out their designs. To help them out I provided them with cookie cutters to trace. I had them just set the design on the square and I sewed them all later.

collaborative baby shower quilt

I will leave you with the best (and easiest) punch recipe ever!

1 quart raspberry sherbet
2 quarts ginger ale
1 quart pineapple juice
Chill juice and ginger ale before mixing. Mix together in a large punch bowl.
Scoop sherbet on top of punch. Yum.


  1. I want to go to one of your parties! How cute! I love the cake, pretty quilt and invitation! (No games is awesome!!!)

  2. This looks like such a sweet party, you did an amazing job with everything. Those invites are precious!

    I love that collaborative quilt, what a sweet and thoughtful idea.

  3. So cute. I love the quilt!! Excellent babyshower!

  4. I LOVE that quilt idea! AND...that was mom's special punch recipe.

  5. Love all of your ideas. The quilt is too cute. I received quilts for both of my girls and will always cherish them. Great ideas.
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  6. Can I just say how much I love punch? We had the ginger ale + pineapple juice mix for H's birthday party and I swear I drank the whole bowl. I bet it's great with sherbet. And your quilt idea is the best!

  7. Oh my gosh - that blanket is such a CUTE idea!!! I have to share this! :)

  8. My goodness! Your blog & ideas are awesome! That quilt is the most creative thing I've seen for a baby shower. I love it!! I'm a new BloggyMoms follower and look forward to your future posts!