Friday, February 24, 2012

fashion friday

Ok who needs some fashion inspiration? I know I do. If you saw me during the day you would think I wasn't into fashion at all, but the truth is, I kinda am.

So here's what I wore this my mind...

Sunday Crossbow  What Would a Nerd Wear  Girl and Closet

Kendi Everyday  Feathers and Freckles


  1. Those are some super cute outfits! The last two are especially fresh and springy! I don't look like a fashionista on the outside, either, but truthfully, I actually went to school as a fashion marketing major! Fashion is about the passion, not just about the clothes!

  2. Hi new reader here! I love those outfits! You have great taste!

  3. Oh I do so love your blog! New follower on board from Phenomenal Woman over at :)

  4. This is so funny! I do the same thing, in my mind I am just as cute and trendy (but still unique) as all of those cute fashion blogs!