Monday, June 27, 2011

Children's books needed in Haiti...

Friends from Fond Baptiste, Haiti sent this letter.....

I  am writing to inform you friends that we want to start an official book club/ library in the mountains. There are many Fond Baptiste children of many different ages but there is no library. We have already started collecting books so if you want to help let us know.

We would prefer children books with lots of pictures (for ages 5-18). It would be nice if they could be in French or creole  but not limited to either. If they are in English we would love for them to have many pictures. French books may be bought online(amazon) or if you have a friends in Montreal, Canada they may be able to get some for you.

Thank you friends and God bless.

Roberteau and Carolyn

If you would like to help you can leave me a comment and I will give you an address to send books to.

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