Thursday, May 5, 2011

My favorite shoes

I realize my standards are low and I'm cheap, etc. but these have always been my very favorite type of shoe. I got my first pair in high school and have loved them ever since. They are like going barefoot but you can still step on rocks and stuff. And they look cute with everything. I love them. They have them 2 for $20 at Urban Outfitters. (I still think that's expensive)


  1. Those shoes are adorable! I'm really cheap, too--I found an ADORABLE pair of shoes yesterday on sale for $7 and sat there and thought it over for honestly like 10 minutes before I finally just bought them . . . I think you and I might have a problem ;-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. okay. I used to have a couple pairs of these (also bought in highschool). Black and yellow. But a few years ago I donated them, even tho I loved them. I'm not sure why i did it, it could have been because I was pregnant and nesting and felt a need to purge, but now I miss them dearly. As soon as I saw your pic I thought "OMG I miss those!" Anyways, yes, great shoes....perhaps I should restock? ;)

  3. Very cute. I love the color.