Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love you closet.

I was so inspired by this post that I spent the evening organizing my wardrobe. (my house is almost 200 years old so we don't have closets...that's how they did back then.)
I just want to open it, gaze upon it's glory, then shut it only to open it again. Please let my organizing inspire you. It does not happen often.

Don't you love the dip happening there.


  1. I noticed the dip in the first picture.
    Keep us updated on if it stays organized. Mine usually only last a few weeks.

  2. My heart actually skipped a little when I saw the dip.

    You did a beautiful job organizing!

  3. I grew up having "wardrobe" in Korea much like yours. I love all things organized! :)

  4. I need to do the same thing. My house is spotless; my closet is not.

    Looks great, and I bet it'll be more fun getting dressed each day.

  5. I wish mine was this organized. It looks so nice. lovely blog! Hope you're having a great week. :)

  6. Good for you! I so need to go through my closet and just purge a lot of stuff, that will help me organize it just by itself.