Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girl Clothes Obsession

I really need to make some baby girl clothes because now that I have a daughter I keep looking at ridiculously adorable things online that I can't possibly afford but feel like if my little Violet doesn't have things like this I'll just die. Okay, I'm exaggerating severely, but geez, girl clothes are fun.

Vintage inspired clothing that is so pretty I can hardly stand it from Eden's Bouquet

My Poppet. Love.

I mean COME ON! Tea Pony has beautiful stuff

and this cute little number I found at C'est La Vie Children's Couture


  1. Lindos, lindos minha filha vai adorar!!!

  2. So cute! I especially love the last one!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful things. Yes. Violet *needs* them! I wish I was better at sewing clothing, I would start a sweatshop here, too!