Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lovin my belated birthday present!

Okay, I DID NOT MAKE THIS, it's from Anthropologie, but I want to and if anyone can point me to a good tutorial on how to make a cute flower headband let me know. I REALLY like headbands these days, especially the feathery ones - have you seen those? They are so cute. I want to make some of those too. I look really dark in this picture like I'm thinking about something really serious and/or sad. I'm totally not. I just got back from a really good bible study so I'm actually thinking about really awesome stuff.


  1. VERY cute headband. I may try finding a way to recreate it. If I do, I'll totally blog it for you.

  2. I got one of those too, but with tiny, pale pink rosettes. I love it! Although I am saving it for a one of those occasions where it is perfectly appropriate for me to dress like a pastry. Ha, ha ... we should totally do high tea.

  3. Very cute! It looks great on you. I don't know about a tutorial but maybe we should summon The Martha and petition her to get her people on it.

  4. Hi Jess,
    I think you can find that pretty easy, just google search Folded Flower Tutorial. I think there might have even been something similar shown on Moda Bake Shop (just add .com) but you'd probably have to do some digging on that site (oh darn). You might also search kanzashi flowers (that means folded flowers) Good luck and let me know if that helps!


  5. Oh boy, I'm about to show my blog obsession here... As soon as I saw this I thought of three separate blogs, and sadly I knew where to find each post.. Ok, here it goes, Infarrantly Creative has a flower tutorial here: .. Heather Bailey has a free pattern for headbands here:
    The How-To Gal has this cute baby headband here:
    I hope this helps! Also, I made my version of some of the ideas from infarrantly creative here: Enjoy and good luck!