Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nursery No. 2 - Phase I

My son Gideon's nursery.

I can't believe I'm planning a new nursery already. Didn't I just do this? Yes, in 2007 I did. I have much less motivation this time so hopefully I can pull something together.

My mom found these two cute pieces for the new baby's room and I'm hoping I can leave them as-is because I am definitely not up to painting this time. They are yellowish, which I don't mind, I just have to plan the gender-neutral room around them. I want to use the crib bedding I already have which has blues and greens......so what should the room color be? I'm clueless right now. Any thoughts are welcomed!

This is Gideon's crib and bedding that I would like to re-use in mystery baby's room.

And here's some nursery color inspiration I found online.


  1. I can see that painting those pieces would be a lot of work, particularly the one with the doors. I love the last room, and the one right above that is my second favorite, which actually combines your two furniture colors nicely. That pale minty green paint (it looks like to me?) would also be nice through the hot summer when you may be in there a lot.

  2. Vanilla or mint... mmmm. Please put a chandelier in there, love that. Your babies are so blessed to have a mommy who wants to surround them with such whimsical lovely things!

  3. Ooo! I love all these nursery ideas!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Shelley Smith