Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby shower ideas

So I organized a baby shower for a very close friend of mine and to keep it on the cheap and game-less (not much of a fan of shower games) I kept a lot of it handmade and organized a baby quilt craft as the main activity. It was a big hit and turned out super cute!

Shower photos by Richest Wine Photography.

An easy little project for table centerpieces. I just painted round wooden boxes from the craft supply store and put potted flowers inside. I painted a letter on each box to spell "Jacob" (I was lucky enough to know the name of the baby-to-be). The boxes were given to the mom-to-be to take home for storage and the flowers were given to the girls that helped me with the shower.

The base of the centerpiece is the lid to the box.

I'm not the best baker but decided to be adventurous! It ended up being really fun to make and pretty darn cute. The cake decorating idea came from Country Living Magazine.

and then, the quilt project...I told the girls to keep their designs simple, but....

I pre-cut flannel squares and gave each guest one or two to put their design on. Then I gave them pieces of soft fleece to cut out their designs. To help them out I provided them with cookie cutters to trace.

I had them just set the design on the square and I sewed them all later. Voila! A super cute baby quilt!

If anyone wants more details on any of these projects just let me know and I would be happy to give them.


  1. Your projects look amazing. I used to pass up Country Living magazine because I mistakenly thought it was all cows & sunflowers. How wrong I was! There's good stuff in there and your cake looks like it was worth the effort- love it!

  2. WOW! I love baby showers and you did such a fantastic job! Seriously, fabulous!
    I LOVE the cake, and the quilt is such a great idea!
    Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. What an amazing idea for the quilt. That must have taken you some time to complete!

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  5. I am planning on doing the quilt activity at a baby shower I am throwing next month. Did you use flannel as the background fabric for each square and thick fleece for all the animals, etc? What were the dimensions of each square?